Is it finally Magikarp’s time to shine?

If you’ve played any of the Pokémon video games, then you’ll know why Magikarp – the water-type fish Pokémon – is often overlooked. Sure, if you have the patience to keep it in your arsenal and let it out during battles for experience, in the end you’ll be rewarded when it evolves into an all-powerful Gyarados. But in the meantime you’re stuck with a pretty useless monster who can do nothing but Splash, and maybe Tackle when it levels up.

Still, despite its initial weaknesses, some Pokémon fans find themselves charmed by Magikarp’s docile demeanor and derpy expression. If you’re one of those people then you’ll be happy to know that “the world’s weakest Pokémon” will be featured in a new mobile app game to be released this spring.

The app – called “Hanero! Koikingu”, which in English would translate to “Magikarp, use splash!” – will be available on both iPhone and Android. The premise of the game still remains very much a mystery. All that has been revealed so far is what seems to be a backstory released in the “Pokémon App News”.

%e7%84%a1%e9%a1%8cThe news story goes:

“On an undisclosed date, two giant holes, each approximately 90 centimeters (35.5 inches) in width, have been discovered in the center of town.

The first to discover these holes, Fisherman Bro, said, ‘Early this morning, there was a thunderous boom and the ground trembled. When I headed towards the source of the noise I was surprised to find two strangely-shaped holes in the ground.’

To find the cause, the town hall has opened an investigation.”

While this game isn’t likely to cause as big a splash as Pokémon GO, our interest is piqued and we’re looking forward to hearing more about it. Although no matter what it ends up being, we have a feeling it’ll be easier to beat this one only using Magikarp than Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Source: App Pokémon via KAI-YOU
Images: App Pokémon