The new line of potato chips seem great, but who’s the singer behind the power ballad?

Japanese company Koikeya is the second largest snack company in Japan, so they’ve got to keep things fresh with a constant stream of new products in order to maintain their ranking. Their newest potato chip, made from 100-percent locally sourced Japanese potatoes, makes it not only a delicious fried potato treat, but also a “pride potato” treat.

▼ Clever pun of “fried” and “pride” works in English and Japanese.


To spread the word of this prideful bag of potatoes, which are available at all Japanese supermarkets and grocery stores, Koikeya released a 30-second TV commercial.

What is striking about the commercial isn’t the lyrics (which translate to “We use 100 percent Japanese potatoes…potatoes…potatoes) nor the quality of the new potato chip, but rather the powerful ballad that rocks you to your core and sends shivers down your spine after only a few seconds.

So who’s belting out this proclamation of crisp spudification? It’s 17-year-old Emiko Suzuki, who has been singing her heart out since she was five. In her young career, Suzuki has already garnered plenty of accolades such as winning the 2015 All-Japan Gospel Competition for Vocals and placing in English speech contests for recitation, but it was her performance on a televised karaoke competition that really shot her into the public eye. On the show, she blew away the judges with “Ai wo Komete Hanasaku wo” by Superfly, a catchy but extremely difficult song for many performers to sing.

With such power and accuracy, it’s no wonder that Koikeya signed her to not only star in their commercial, but they also produced a full-length music video and song for her about persevering and staying true to yourself.

▼ Basically, it’s not just about potato chips.

We can only hope that such a passionate and delightful singer will continue to have plenty of chances to release more songs in the months to come. There is still plenty of food that she can sing about but we’d be willing to buy and eat several bags of Koikeya Pride potato chips to further her career as we like to think she is earning some sort of cash based on the number of chips eaten.

Source: YouTube/koikeya
Additional information: Koikeya Official Site, Artre Blog
Featured image: YouTube/koikeya