New product promises the look of “a shining idol singer.”

Japanese cosplay company Assist Wig gives top billing to its extensive line of hairpieces, which stand ready to help costumers replicate the vivid and dramatic hairstyles of their favorite anime characters. But the company has a variety of other cosplay products, and after fans have selected a wig with the color of their cosplay target’s hair, Assist Wig can also provide assistance in matching the skin tone of the character as well.

One such product is the newly released Idolish Powder AS. Packaged in five-gram (0.2-ounce) containers, the Assist Wig touts the facial powder as providing “the gleaming skin of a shining idol,” a colorful way of referencing the fair complexion generally favored by Japanese pop stars and commonly seen in anime character designs.


The powder contains pearlescent components to help gather light on the skin, imparting it with the sort of luminous glow that often highlights anime character artwork. Idolish Powder AS is formulated to help keep your other makeup in place as well, and also contains UV-blocking agents, making it a handy multi-benefit assistor for long, outdoor cosplay photo shoots.


Idolish Powder AS is priced at 1,380 yen (US$12), and can be ordered here through Assist Wig. And if you’re planning to cosplay as an idol who’s crying as she retires from show business, or is perhaps covered in blood for some reason, Assist Wig has you covered on those fronts too.

Source: Assist Wig
Images: Assist Wig (edited by RocketNews24)