When you’re heavily-armed and armoured, there’s no need to fear heights, falls or even cardboard bears!

With a Zaku spotted only weeks ago, it seems Gundam mating season is in full swing. Even Mobile Suits can take time out of fighting to socialise, intermingle with non-suited humans or get piste.

▼ A Gundam and Zaku II suit displaying more natural behaviour


Twitter user @tanukashin’s brother managed to snap a picture of Gundam, Gouf (sans heat rod) and Zaku II suits dispensing with their battling for a bit and taking the weight off their feet as they made their way, slowly and serenely to the top of one of the slopes at Hirogano ski park in Gifu Prefecture, to the north of Tokyo.


His photos were then spotted by @susutakayama, the person wearing (operating?) the Zaku suit, who shared this video of the mighty machines in action. As someone for whom moving at even glacial speeds in a straight line without falling off a snowboard is challenge enough, to be able to move around like this with all the encumbrance and limited visibility shows why they, and not I, have been chosen to serve the Earth Federation or the Zeon military.

Fighting and snowboarding are but two of the Mobile Suits’ many talents, as these fake bear shenanigans show. Of course it’s not the first time the Internet has brought us that heady mix of snowboarding and questionably genuine bears.

Should you be so lucky to catch one in the wild, don’t be afraid to approach them. The child below is believed to have survived the encounter, although this writer couldn’t find any proof of its continued existence.


With one seen a few weeks ago, and now four, they appear to be breeding like rabbits. What else might we see before the snowboard season wraps up for this year?

Source, featured image: Twitter/@tanukashin