Now you too can dress up as an irresistibly-cute game character with none of the hard work!

Here at RocketNews24 we can’t get enough of cosplay, so we welcome news that clothes company Nutte, in conjunction with mobile phone game makers Axel Mark, have obtained an official license to make costumes belonging to characters from popular RPG games Hortensia Saga, Alternative Girls, Brave Frontier, World Cross Saga and Griffon.

The detailing on the costumes is intricate and true to the games’ character designs. Now you too can look just as impressive as a professional cosplayer like Enako but with minimal effort.

▼ The Alternative Girls costume, perfect for fighting Night Beasts!


▼ The Hortensia Saga costume.
Presumably the Hortensia Kingdom doesn’t get very cold


▼ The Brave Frontier costume, sword not included


▼ The World Cross Saga‘s Rena costume


▼ The Griffon costume, doubles for medieval fairs!


Of course such craftsmanship comes at a price. Prices range from the World Cross Saga costume at 88,560 yen (US$785) to the Alternative Girls costume at 151,200 yen including tax. They are available in sizes small to large, but larger-proportioned buyers beware, even the large size is a bit on the elvenly-slim side.

Also, should you take part in one too many battles and take damage to your precious cosplay, Coscrea is offering a service to fix it up for you good as new. They are also able to resize it for you, should you overindulgence in feasting and carousing.

The costumes will be available to purchase as of 1:00 p.m. (JST) on the 22nd of February from the Coscrea website.

If these costumes, pretty as they are, run a little expensive for your tastes, fear not – there are always budget alternatives as this ingenious Thai chap proves.

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Images: Coscrea