Women are still modeling the sexy outfit too, but today this buff cosplayer is stealing the spotlight.

About a month ago, the Japanese Internet was mesmerized by what it decided to call the virgin-killing sweater.” A backless knit one-piece that showed off ample areas of side-boob, upper thigh, and even teased a glimpse at the butt, the sweater was so sexy that many concluded that men without an outlet for the lusty desires that were stirred by gazing upon it would promptly drop dead.

In case you need a reminder, this is the article of clothing we’re talking about.


What’s that? It’s hard to get a proper feel of just what sort of garment the virgin-killing sweater is from just a single photo? Of course. How inconsiderate of us. Here, have another look.


As you can see, the virgin-killing sweater quickly became a common motif for models and comely cosplayers. Sometimes the sweater was so intensely the focus that the wearer didn’t even bother to show her face.


But fashion trends don’t last forever, so those wanting to ride the wave of virgin-killing sweater popularity have to act while the iron is hot. Cosplayer Yomimate knew this, and so sprang into action, slipping on the sexy little number and posing for the camera.

But what sets Yomimate’s virgin-killing sweater photos apart from so many others is that Yomimate is a dude, and an extremely muscular one at that.


As a matter of fact, Yomimate is part of cosplay group Nikutaizoukeibu, whose members got together at last summer’s Comiket otaku extravaganza in Tokyo dressed as characters from hit game/anime franchise Token Rambu.

Appreciative Internet commenters had the following to say:

“I want him to put me in a sleeper chokehold with those arms of his.”
“Such nice pecs.”
“His arms would be delicious roasted.”
“Yep, looks like he could kill some virgins.”
“Virgin-killing (physically)”

Regarding those last comments, we’re not sure that’s the kind of virgin-killing people were originally thinking of when they gave the sweater its nickname. But then again, the mark of a truly talented model is to make people see the fashion in a whole new way, which Yomimate certainly seems to have done.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@yomimate

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