Talented costumer’s international inspirations are winning her fans around the globe.

While Japan was the nation that coined the word cosplay, the hobby has really become an international phenomenon in the 21st century. So even when dealing with Japanese pop culture franchises, talented costumers can be found outside the series’ home country.

A prime example of this is Taiwanese cosplayer Misa Chang, who’s been drawing inspiration from two of the highest-profile releases from Japanese video game developer Square Enix. Following the release of Final Fantasy XV, Chang, who goes by misa72600 on Instagram, recently dressed up as small town mechanic Cidney, or Cindy, as the character was renamed for the game’s English version.

More recently, Chang has been turning her attention to blindfolded combat android 2B, from Square Enix’s latest hit, Nier: Automata.

While top-heavy pugilist Honoka debuted in fighting game Dead or Alive 5 Last Round, Chang’s take on the character seems to stem from the character’s appearance in the series’ controversial Xtreme volleyball/swimsuit modeling spinoffs.

But Japanese developers are no longer the only ones producing iconic character designs. Chang also travelled to Spain for Japan Weekend Valencia, where she dressed as Overwatch tank/South Korean feminist icon D.Va.

She also hand-crafted many of the components of her League of Legends Star Guardian outfit.

While many of Chang’s recent muses originate in video games, she also does anime cosplay, like when she donned the plugsuit of Evangelion’s Rei.

Here she sports a scarf that, while not an exact match, is remarkably similar to the one worn by Cardcaptor Sakura’s titular magical girl.

Chang has also thrown her hat into the Harley Quinn cosplay ring

,,,and contributed to the extremely niche genre of “sexy female gender-swapped movie characters with blade fingers” with this Edward Scissorhands outfit.

And finally, during the month of February, Chang dressed up as both a maid…

…and a baseball-playing fox girl.

It’s unclear what, if any, video game, anime, or movie those last two costumes are from, but Chang’s many fans don’t seem to have minded the lack of specificity one bit.

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Featured image: Instagram/misa72600
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