Unfortunately, some clothing items seem to have mysteriously gone missing.

Japan’s Young Jump magazine is primarily a manga magazine but they also dabble in girls wearing cosplay outfits. In a recent Young Jump edition professional cosplayer Enako graced the front cover. But that’s not all folks. The geniuses at Young Jump thought “How can we get a little interaction happening between our model and the audience?”

▼ The Young Jump edition with Enako on the front cover

“I know, how about an online survey where people can vote for what they want her to wear?” I can imagine one staff member proposing, all excited-like.

Well, they actually went through with this gem of an idea. And Twitter benefitted.

So without further ado here are the top five most requested outfits for Enako, according to the Young Jump survey.

We’ll start with number five:

According to Young Jump this was the fifth-most-popular requested outfit. The tweet says the uniform represents “no school club affiliation, taking a break”. The photo shoot “started out from requests of the standard sailor suit uniform” but it transcended (or descended) into this. Not sure though if having no skirt/pants still classifies as cosplay.

Coming in at what I assume is number four (but actually says “number 1” on the tweet) is the “tennis club princess.”

Can’t say I’ve seen any girl wearing anything close to this at Wimbledon.

And at number three we have “drama club girl”:

The Young Jump group says they were disappointed they couldn’t show off Enako’s swimsuit under the skirt in this photo – oh the humanity!

The second-most-requested cosplay outfit for Enako was the “high-class swimming club member.”

Apparently lace rabbit ears are all the craze in those upper class school swimming clubs in Japan these days.

And number one, drum roll please, the “official baseball club.”


Not sure if this was chosen because this was the same outfit Enako wore on the front cover, or because baseball is amazingly popular in Japan, or because skin is a prominent feature of the outfit.

Last year, Enako was recently in the news for claiming she earned more in two days at Comiket than most people make all year. Maybe its time to swap the keyboard for some cosplay activities.

And if you haven’t seen enough, here are some more Enako cosplay photo shoots – just for anyone whose interested in the art of costume design.

Source: LiveDoor, Twitter/g_youngjump
Feature image: Twitter/@g_youngjump