With some artistic decisions, the longer you think about them, the harder they become.

While there are plenty of people out there with the artistic abilities to make eye-pleasing doodles, professional illustrators know it’s the tiny details that make or break the bond they’re hoping for their audience to form with a 2-D character. That’s something Kina Kazuharu, who’s contributed artwork for video games and novels, is well aware of, and to get a better feel for the public’s taste, he recently presented his Twitter followers with a question.

See, as a pro, Kazuharu knows that it’s not enough simply to decide to draw a cute girl with a ponytail. Doing his job thoroughly means thinking about just how much hair should be bunched up in the tail, and so he drew up two options and asked his followers which they preferred.

Girl with a lot of hair in her ponytail (left) vs. girl with less hair in her ponytail (right)

While at first glance the two styles don’t seem all that different, when asked to stop and think about their preference, some respondents weighted a rather complex set of factors . “The one with a thick ponytail looks like she always wears her hair like that,” said one commenter, “but the other on looks like she puts it up when she’s studying or something. Personally, I like the way the look of a thick tail, but I also like it when a girl with a thin tail says ‘Time to do this!’ and ties her hair up.”

Yet another commenter pointed out a possible flaw in the question, saying that he thought the girl on the right was absolutely the cuter of the two, not because of her hair, but because she’s wearing a sailor suit while the girl on the left has a blazer instead.

Meanwhile, the illustration led a third respondent to muse about how characters with ponytails project an active personality, while those who wear their hair in braids have a more reserved atmosphere to them. And speaking of braids, Kazuharu puts plenty of thought into them as well, as evidenced by another comparative illustration he shared.

This time, Kazuharu asked which design people liked more, the short, thing braids of the girl on the left, or the long, thick ones of the girl on the right. “You’ve given u another difficult question today,” lamented one Twitter user of the quandary.

At the moment, the voting is split 69 percent/31 percent in favor of the thick ponytail and 58 percent/42 percent in favor of the thin, short braids, making this yet another tough choice for fans of cute anime-style girls to make.

Source: Kinisoku
Featured image: Twitter/@kazuharukina

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