Your cat scratches the furniture? These cats scratch tracks.

Cats have an uncanny way of keeping us humans entertained. Whether you share a home with a feline companion (or many) or simply enjoy watching their antics through your computer screen, it’s difficult to deny the joys that cats bring to the world. Even though at times they can also be right little terrors.

While they may seem like simple creatures easily amused by cotton swabs and string, did you know that cats also possess uncanny musical abilities? I mean, why else would there be a cat boy band in existence?

Okay, so maybe musical talents aren’t inherently expressed in cat DNA, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be learned, like in the case of these two cats, whose person is a DJ in Japan. @dj_futoshi posted recently on his Twitter a couple of videos of his cats mixing it up at the turntable, and they’re completely adorable.

▼ Anybody else hear Dead or Alive playing in their head?

▼ Feelin’ the cat scratch fever

And when these two aren’t honing their scratching skills? They can be found acting as super cute foot-warmers for their DJ daddy.

No word on if or when they will make their club debut, but we can only hope it’s soon. If you feel you’ve got a budding DJ cat on your hands as well, why not support their skills and get them their very own cat scratch turntable? You may find yourself with a club sensation someday too.

Source, featured image: Twitter/ @dj_futoshi