No need for fancy gadgets, or safety ropes!

Every-so-often, the classic apocryphal tale about the difference between Nasa and the Soviet Union’s space programme reappears. The story goes that while Nasa poured huge amounts of money into producing a pen that could be used in a zero gravity environment, the Soviet cosmonauts made do with a simple pencil.

That story may not be true, but as the following video shows, you don’t always need fancy grappling hooks, precisely-engineered weight-carrying harnesses and other gizmos when you have a bloody great stick. And confidence in your ability not to fall to the ground.

While Ninjas may be traditionally Japanese, I like to think they are equal-opportunity employers/stealth killers. If not, what chance have we foreigners of ever making the cut? If anyone could claim ninja status, it’s this lot in Vietnam.

Ably assisted by their squadmates, these SWAT-like Vietnamese troopers run up the side of this building with apparent ease, making almost no noise. Their low-tech solution also allows them to hug the side of the building until they are ready to make their ascent. Then with two people holding one end of the pole, they are able to lift the third trooper who can then run up the vertical surface as easily as he would a horizontal one.

Of course this is training and the stress of a real-life situation would be a very different thing, particularly as the person climbing the pole seems to be rather vulnerable as he reaches the top of their climb. Even so, the speed at which they go up the wall is hugely impressive.

Not only can we marvel at their ninja-like prowess, we have also learnt that should we wish to conduct criminal activities in Vietnam, we should make sure it’s on at least the fourth floor of a building.

Source, top image: YouTube/quockha truong
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