Chinese owner had to dig up the dog’s past to find the reason for the strange behavior.

When adopting an animal from a shelter, it’s almost guaranteed you’ve found a loving companion for life. Kennels and the like can be very depressing places for animals, especially for dogs who are extremely social animals. One Chinese man and his family were happy to adopt an especially affectionate dog who fit in immediately with the family. There was just one little thing the dog did that they found extremely odd.

Every night as the man was falling asleep, the dog would stand up on its hind legs, and put its front paws on the gate that separated the bedroom. Their new furry friend would stay there until the owner fell fast asleep, keeping a watchful eye on the soon-to-be-snoozing humans.

Neither frequent play during the day nor a visit to the vet garnered any insights into the reason for this odd behavior. So the man went back to the shelter to see if anyone there could shed any light on the dog’s past.

▼ “Won’t you stay with me?”

Flickr/Valerie Hinojosa

It turns out the previous owner’s wife was pregnant and thus couldn’t afford to take care of the dog anymore. So in the middle of the night, the previous owner sneaked the companion out of the house and straight to the animal shelter. The worker speculated that the dog couldn’t bear to fall asleep at night for fear of being betrayed and abandoned again.

Needless to say, the new owners couldn’t contain their emotions at the history of their newest family member and predictably, plenty of tears were shed. In response to the story, they have also removed the gate and put the dog’s bed inside the bedroom. The hope is that these steps and more will help the dog learn to trust the new family, because they definitely intend to keep the adorable pooch. Who wouldn’t want such a loving pet? They aren’t only faithful and loyal, but provide plenty of laughs too.

Source: World of Buzz
Featured image: Facebook/中国那么大 CHINA