Come for the Drivers’ Ed, stay for the unlimited nine-month long buffet!

With the declining birth rate and generally stellar public transportation systems, fewer than ever young Japanese people are seeking driver’s licenses. This means that driving schools have been feeling the pinch in recent years with enrollment steadily decreasing.

In these economically dire times, schools have to dig deep and come up with a way to entice potential students for their own survival, and arguably none have come up with a better idea to date than Minoo Driving School in Osaka.

Their website advertises an all-you-can-eat menu featuring various pasta, rice dishes, and sandwiches for its students. But that is not all: This buffet is available for up to nine months! By simply showing a proof of enrollment, you can conceivably eat there all day, every day for absolutely no extra charge for three-quarters of a year.

The only downside appears to be that the menu is somewhat limited for those planning on using the driving school as their primary source of food for such a long time. However, the school is also said to offer special events like a cake buffet twice a month to liven things up.

▼ MENU: Curry Rice; Shrimp Pilaf; Dry Curry Rice; Carbonara; Japanese-style Mushroom Pasta; Spaghetti & Meat Sauce; Spaghetti & Tuna Cream; Toast; Sandwich; Toasted Sandwich; Coffee (hot or iced); Lemon Tea (hot or iced); Latte (hot or iced); Iced Cocoa; Iced Milk; Coca Cola; Mixed Juice; Orange Juice; Grapefruit Juice; Apple Fanta; Calpis

Image: Minoo Driving School

Kudos to them for boldly selecting “apple” as the only flavor of Fanta available.

The offer has already been well-received by university students who joined Minoo. “As someone attending school out of town,” says third-year uni student Tatsuki, “I really appreciate it. I can save a lot of money this way and sometimes I eat there several times a day.”

People online are also intrigued and impressed by this bold offering from a driving school and made the following comments:

“That’s awesome.”
“If you eat there every day for nine months, wouldn’t you be able to break even with the savings on food?”
“No melon soda?!”
“No beer?! Oh yeah, I forgot what this place is…never mind.”

Someone also pointed out that nearby Toyonaka Driving College is offering a Manga Corner featuring an all-you-can-read selection of titles from Sailor Moon to Baki the Grappler, including series both obvious and ironic such as Initial D and Yowamushi Pedal respectively.

Image: Toyonaka Driving College

Still, nothing appeals to our primal cores quite like the offer of free food. A manga library is cool and all, but I feel quite compelled to join Minoo Driving School even though the only reason I would need a car…would be to drive to Minoo Driving School for the next eight months.

Source: Minoo Driving School, With News, Toyonaka Driving College, Hamusoku
Top Image: Minoo Driving School