Never get between a boy and his curry.

In the early hours of the morning on January 2, four suspicious fires broke out consecutively in a neighborhood of Higashi Osaka City. Investigators announced this past Tuesday that they have arrested one suspect in relation to at least two of the fires – a 16-year-old boy who works part time within the prefecture.

In regards to one of the fires, the boy states, “I went to eat some curry, but the restaurant was closed. I got angry and used my lighter to start a fire.

One fire was started at a car dealership, where a street side banner was set ablaze. Approximately 10 minutes later, the suspect set fire to a restaurant storehouse located 200 meters (218 yards) south of the dealership, burning up part of the storehouse and nearly burning nearby residences. Luckily no one was injured.

Two other fires were reported at nearby apartment complexes, where a bicycle and garbage was set on fire. A number of security cameras show a person resembling that of the 16-year-old suspect.

Reactions regarding the news have been varied:

“But can’t you eat curry just about anywhere?”
“I remember going home once because the curry was too spicy.”
“Curry is delicious isn’t it?”
“Something must be wrong with him.”
“Getting that upset over curry? Who are you, Yoshiki?”

While I’m sure even the best of us have gone through a point of hangry rage, and we can certainly appreciate the feeling of utter disappointment at discovering your restaurant of choice is not open for business, it’s always best for us to have the sense to just buck up and find the next best place to ease our hunger, lest we find ourselves needing to acclimate to the taste of prison food!

Source: Yahoo! News Japan via My Game News Flash
Top image: Wikipedia/Ben Schumin