Popular Sanrio character Gudetama may claim to be a lazy egg, but he just might find himself busy decorating people’s plates and lunch boxes this spring.

That’s right, Japanese food manufacturer Kibun has recently announced that they’ll be providing some edible fun in the form of Gudetama fish cakes!

Awww… we think the fish cakes look adorable! And for a character that claims to be absolutely unmotivated and too lazy to do anything, he certainly seems to have been involved in his share of business ventures.

This time he’s being marketed as yellow, plump-looking fish cakes that fittingly contain both whole and scrambled eggs to give them the bright color as well as a pleasing egg flavor. (Yes, they’re fish cakes but egg-flavored!) They’re also slightly sweet, like Japanese-style cooked eggs (tamagoyaki) that typically contain sugar and stock, so they’re sure to be a hit with the kids too.

 They’re perfect for including in your bento lunch box and should bring a smile to your face during meal time! The cakes come individually wrapped, so they’re easy to prepare as well.

▼ And did you notice that there are two variations to the shape of the cakes?

The Gudetama egg-flavored fish cakes (Gudetama Tamago Kamaboko) will be sold starting March 20 in selected areas of Japan between the northern and central main island (from the Tohoku to Chubu areas) and will be priced at 200 yen (US$1.75) for four pieces.

Kibun is also currently running a Twitter campaign where they’re giving away 100 packages of the Gudetama fish cakes. To participate all you have to do is follow Kibun’s official Twitter account and then retweet one of their selected tweets. If you’re based in Japan and interested, you can check out the details on their campaign website.

Gudetama may not like the idea of more work (or more tweeting!), but we hope we continue to see him in different forms, because it’s certainly a whole lot of fun for us, and if the items are tasty as well, so much the better!

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Top image: Kibun Gudetama kamaboko Twitter Campaign site

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