Now there’s food you’re legitimately allowed to play with.

As we reported last year, a new LEGOLAND is due to open in Nagoya, Japan next month. And now the official website has released photos of some of the food items on offer in its many restaurants and stalls, raising the dilemma of whether to eat them or build potato-brick forts on the table with them.

LEGOLAND Japan will feature seven distinct areas with five restaurants and eight food stands so visitors won’t be short of something to eat. While photos on websites and what you’re handed in real-life tend to differ, if it tastes half as good as it looks, all the more reason to head to Nagoya and the new LEGOLAND theme park.

▼ Make your own crazily-coloured Abominable Slush in the Bricktopia zone.

▼ Hot-dogs from the Marina Snack Shack in the LEGO City zone.

▼ Roast beef and French toast for the hunger-pang-afflicted
knight errant in the Knight’s Kingdom zone

▼ Choc ices served in giant LEGO blocks.

▼ A map of the park with the seven different zones: Factory, Bricktopia,
Adventure, Knight’s Kingdom, Pirate Shore, Miniland, and LEGO City.

LEGOLAND Japan will open on April 1. The nearest train station is Kinjo Futo station, about a twenty minute journey south from Nagoya station. For more information, be sure to check out the official English website.

Or if you’re in Tokyo and aren’t prepared to make the trip to Nagoya, there’s always the LEGO Discovery Centre on Odaiba – not just for kids! – and the copyright-neutral Brick Burger restaurant in the Philippines.

Source: LEGOLAND via Narinari