Such typing. Much buttons. So manuscript.

Dogs have time and again proven themselves the masters of everything from physics-defying parkour to sneaking into places they probably shouldn’t fit. But one thing we haven’t seen dogs manage to master is the computer keyboard… yet! Japanese Twitter user @kawanimal_movie recently showed off a video of a pet dog playing with their human using a toy keyboard, and the pooch’s words per minute are off the charts.

“A battle of typing speed!”

Now that’s some stenographer-level speed right there! Although, taking a closer look, it seems like the only buttons are B, A, C, O, N and a few wingdings. But really, do you need anything else when typing?

Here’s how Japanese Twitter reacted:

“That is so cute.”
“I think the dog won that battle!”
“It looks like the dog is trying to dig a hole into the keyboard.”
“The dog was all like ‘What?’ at first, but then took right off!”
“That is one hard worker.”
“Man, I can’t even type without looking at the keyboard.”
“Where can I get one of those?!”

Assuming that last commenter is talking about the typing toy and not the dog, we’d like to know as well! If you know where we can get one for ourselves, then let us know in the comments. We want to play with one really badly… with a dog, of course. Yeah, with a dog.

Although we should be careful about giving our pet dogs too much access to technology. They’ve already started watching us humans on YouTube, so who knows what they’d be capable of next!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@kawanimal_movie