Jackson and Kong: Skull Island co-star Tom Hiddleston rub shoulders with Japanese dub performers at Shinjuku premiere.

Kong: Skull Island, the latest outing for cinema’s most famous giant primate, has made its way to Japan in an unusually timely manner. The Legendary Pictures feature just went into wide release in the U.S. a week ago, and on March 16 had its gala Tokyo premiere, ahead of a general Japanese release on March 25.

As is often the case, the film will be screened in both English-dialogue/Japanese-subtitled and Japanese dubbed versions. So for the premiere, members of both the original on-screen cast and their Japanese dub voice performers were in attendance, which led to this snapshot of Hollywood actor Samuel L. Jackson and Japanese recording artist Gackt showing off their stylish spectacles and chic black threads.


Both celebrities greeted fans and press at the extremely long red carpet laid out in the Kabukicho quarter of Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood.

Ironically, at the end of that red carpet is an entertainment and theater complex topped by another famous movie monster: Godzilla!

But while Jackson and Gackt are now relatives in the extended Kong: Skull Island family, their roles don’t overlap. Gackt actually provides the Japanese dub voice for former British SAS operative James Conrad, the character is played on-screen by Tom Hiddleston. The British actor was also at the premiere, where he was photographed alongside actress Nozomi Sakasi (and her desirable nose), who handled the dubbed voice of heroine Mason Weaver.

▼ Not that Sasaki isn’t capable of commanding cameras’ attention all by herself, of course.

Jackson and Hiddleston seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed their time in Tokyo, but we have to say that we’re a little sad to know they were right down the street from RocketNews24’s headquarters and didn’t stop in to say hi. Let us know next time you’re in town, guys! We’d be happy to treat you to some ramen, or, in Samuel’s case, show you some cool places to shop for anime merch.

Source: IT Media, Instagram/gackt