Even for identical twins, keeping up the resemblance sometimes requires a little help, especially when one of you makes a big change.

Look through the pantheon of Japanese show business luminaries and you’ll find a few sets of famous siblings. Pop singers Misono and Koda Kumi, for example, are sisters. Lifestyle celebrities/busty models Kyoko and Mika Kano are another prodigious pair.

Twins, though, are a rarer commodity in the entertainment industry, and that’s much to the advantage of up-and-coming media personalities Rarapi and Rurupi. Billed as the “Twin Idols,” Rarapi and Rurupi have been building a name for themselves through their anime and video game cosplay efforts and event appearances.

▼ Rarapi


▼ Rurupi

The two often dress in costumes that complement one another, and the double dose of stylish cuteness helps them stand out from the crowd in a very competitive field. And yes, their familial relationship is genuine and not some shady marketing ploy, as they are indeed identical twins.


However, during a recent appearance on variety program EXD44, it came to light that the striking resemblance between Rarapi and Rurupi is only partially due to their having shared the same zygote. On the March 13 episode of the TV Asahi program, the pair revealed that they owe part of their visual similarity to cosmetic surgery.


At some point in the past Rarapi decided that she wanted a nose like that of actress Nozomi Sakaki, and turned to cosmetic surgery in order to get it. Seeing as how they’re identical twins and all, it would have been understandable if this had ruffled Rurupi’s feathers (since Rarapi can’t really be dissatisfied with the nose she was born with without also expressing the same sentiment about her sister’s). But Rurupi proved to be rather good-natured about her sister’s choice. As a matter of fact, she was so OK with it that she went to the same clinic and requested that the same doctor that had given Rarapi a nose job perform the exact same procedure for her, so that the two could go on looking exactly alike.


While the clinic no doubt appreciated the extra business, the story highlights the unique challenge of becoming a famous celebrity who’s also a twin, and also the reason RocketNews24’s Mr. Sato hasn’t had any work done yet.

Source: Narinari via Jin
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