Video shows that you should always keep your eyes on the prize, especially when that prize is a mountain of your favorite food.

Let’s try a little experiment. In your mind, I want you to think of three words or phrases to describe hamsters. All set?

You thought of “cute,” “chubby,” and “fuzzy wuzzy,” didn’t you? No I’m not clairvoyant; those are the three primary descriptors everyone has in their head for hamsters.

But maybe we should add “tenacious” to that list, as demonstrated in this video from Japanese Twitter user @miyabi666_mjk.

The video is shot from an overhead perspective, with the camera looking straight down on an open-topped glass jar filled with sunflower seeds. On the outside looking in is a very, very excited hamster.

▼ For a human analogy, imagine if you saw a giant jar filled with cheeseburgers.

Unfortunately, hamsters aren’t particularly long-limbed creatures, a physical characteristic that, when coupled with the slickness of the glass, means that the hamster is stuck flailing at the container’s sides with paw speed rivaling that of a puppy learning to type, trying in vain to get a solid grip.

As the hamster’s struggles go on, you might start wondering if the human cameraperson is going to take pity on him and scoop out a handful of seeds for the little guy. But suddenly, after trying and failing literally hundreds of times to make his way up the side of the jar, the hamster finally succeeds!

▼ “They…are…ALL…MINE!”

Thanks, sunflower seed-loving hamster, for reminding us that if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying for another 40 seconds.

Source: IT Media
Images: Twitter/@miyabi666_mjk