With more than ten cute items to collect, this is a range we’ll be saving our yen for.

Japan’s plastic-windowed gacha capsule toy vending machines can often be seen outside arcade centres and novelty goods stores, piled high on top of each other and tempting customers with a variety of tiny wares encased inside colourful, ball-like globes.

These spheres have delivered surprises like hats for catsPikachu futon smartphone cases and even drink bottle underpants, but now there’s a surprising collaboration with the smash hit Japanese film Your Name that’s got everybody talking.

Premier gacha capsule toy maker Kitan Club will be bringing out two official merchandise ranges, with a total of 11 items to collect. The first collection contains a set of fabric “omamori” protection amulets, which are usually purchased from Japanese shrines and temples by those seeking good luck in business, health, exams or romance.

Omamori often come with the name of the temple or shrine printed on the outer fabric, and these amulets are no different. The thing that makes these ones so special, though, is the fact that “Miyamizujinja” is printed in gold on the outside of each amulet. Fans of the film will know that this is the name of the mystical shrine that appears in the movie.

▼ There are five colours in the range to collect: red, blue, yellow, green, and pink.

The second range of Your Name merchandise coming to vending machines is a collection of fabric smartphone pouches, containing six different designs.

▼ These two feature the main characters of Taki and Mitsuha, drawn in the popular “super deformed” caricature style.

▼ And these two capture the beautiful sentiment of the film.

Priced at 300 yen each, both ranges of merchandise go on sale at gacha vending machines around the country for a limited time from 20 March.

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