Ah, the heady aromas of chocolate and sweaty feet may finally come together!

With an interest in Kit Kats that verges on addiction, we here at RocketNews24 consider ourselves very lucky to have access to the ever-changing world of limited edition Kit Kats in Japan. Soon though, we may have to go further afield than the local convenience store or Chocolatory boutique to get our exotic chocolate flavour fix.

In a bid to boost tourism, Thailand has suggested to Kit Kat a number of local delicacies they believe would make for snack-tacular tastes as perfect as their beaches, including tamarind, mangosteen, and durian.

▼ Tamarinds (left) are a sweet and sour fruit, and mangosteens (right)
are a sweet and tangy fruit. Durians, however, have a certain defining feature….

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Durians are a fruit that, despite being known as “the king of fruits” in southeat Asia, has just as many enemies as fans.

Though considered an expensive delicacy in much of Asia, it has an extremely pungent smell that is often described as similar to sweaty feet or decay. It’s a powerful odour that has been known to kick up a stink at airports or on trains.

▼ The “king of fruits” in all of its slug-like glory.
Be thankful smell-o-vision never took off!


The Thai minister for Tourism and Sports, Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, told reporters from Thailand’s Daily News that Kit Kat manufacturer Nestlé is currently discussing the feasibility of turning the fruit into the next Kit Kat taste sensation.

▼ A mockup of what the world may be in for.
Is mankind truly ready for this?

While Durian-flavoured Kit Kats would probably not be the strangest Kit Kat creation ever (that honour would probably go to either Kit Kat pizza or Kit Kat sushi), if they can somehow recreate the same intense olfactory experience, then it would most likely go down as the smelliest Kit Kat creation yet.

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