Tokyo Disneyland has been called “the land where dreams come true” and “the most magical place on Earth,” but never “the land of complete sullenness.”

Going to a Disney Resort on a family vacation is the dream of any child (and adult!) across the world. Japanese children are especially lucky, as they have not only one, but two amazing theme parks to look forward to visiting at some point in their lives. While Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are unquestionably packed with all manner of magical attractions, characters, and experiences, there’s now evidence of one family in particular that didn’t seem to soak up any of the so-called “Disney magic” during their turn at one of the parks and they’re now going viral online because of it.

Japanese Twitter user @mknskn14 recently uploaded a somewhat old snapshot of him and his father taken at the conclusion of one of the roller coaster rides they took while on vacation. Usually people’s expressions in these kinds of shots range from pure excitement to abject terror, but the puzzling thing about this picture is the complete lack of any kind of emotion on either one of their faces. Check it out in the photo below (they’re sitting in the first row):

What on earth is up with those positively gloomy expressions? It turns out that the real reason for them is actually a riot, as explained in the photo’s caption:

“I unearthed this photo from several years ago when my family went to Disney(land). My dad and I held a strange contest to see who could appear to be having the least amount of fun while on the ride (we’re in the front row).”  

What a silly but intriguing competition to have in the supposed “Land of Fun”! It’s honestly difficult to tell who looks like he’s having a worse time; their glum expressions appear to be identical in terms of disinterest.

We suppose the only logical next step is to send our own trustworthy anything-goes reporter Mr. Sato out into the field along with a friend to see if they can top this unusual challenge at Tokyo Disneyland.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@mknskn14