Contouring makeup techniques employed in product that’s billed as just the thing for warm-weather fashion.

Walk into a Japanese drug store (or a convenience store, even), and you’ll find an extensive array of makeup options. But while many of these are designed for year-round use, there’s one item that Japanese cosmetics company Liberta thinks will come in especially handy as winter’s chill finally fades away.

With the weather becoming warmer, women’s fashion is making its annual swing back towards bare legs after months of tights and stockings being a regular part of the wardrobe. To help those exposed legs look their best, Liberta is releasing a lotion called Bikyaku Hime, or “Beautiful Leg Princess.”

The cream contains luminous components, and to use it all you have to do is put a small dollop on your fingertip and spread it in a straight line down your leg.

According to Liberta, the manner in which the lotion catches the light will add a slimming, contoured look to the legs, making them appear slimmer than they actually are, and also adds the sheen to the skin which some Japanese people find particularly desirable.

▼ The model’s left leg, with Bikyaku Hime applied to it vs. her au naturel right leg

Bikyaku Hime is set to go on sale at cosmetics retailers across Japan on March 22, and can also be ordered right now through Nonplex, Liberta’s online shop, here, priced at 1,350 yen (US$12) for a 20-gram (0.7-ounce) tube.

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Top image: Nonplex
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