More matcha. More deliciousness. More reason to buy as many as you can as souvenirs.

Depending on the kanji and/or hiragana characters used to write it, in Japanese koi can mean either “love” or “strong-flavored.” It’s the second meaning that’s implied in the new Koi Matcha Kit Kats, but if you’re the sort whose heart is stirred by intense flavors, you definitely won’t want to miss the brand’s latest Japan-exclusive offering.

Nestle has been selling green tea Kit Kats in Japan for quite some time now. The country’s representative non-alcoholic beverage was the inspiration for its first big Japanese-specific hit, kickstarting a series of special varieties that’s even led to Japan’s most distinguished alcoholic drink getting its own Kit Kats too.

Green tea Kit Kats have become so popular that the company has even rolled out chocolates flavored like specific strains of green tea. But with the Koi Matcha flavor, Nestle is focusing on quantity, packing twice as much matcha into them as you’ll find in the regular green tea Kit Kats.

▼ Koi Matcha (top) and regular “Otona no Amasa” green tea (bottom)

Nestle is also boasting that more matcha means more healthy green tea catechins and theanine. All the same, these are still chocolate-coated wafers, so the real reason to eat them is, of course, how delicious they promise to be. Koi Matcha Kit Kats go on sale March 27, priced at 540 yen (US$4.80) for an eleven-wafer box, and 162 yen for a three-pack.

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