Two more of the anime and manga franchise’s characters get the “bathing beauty” treatment.

Anime and manga franchise One Piece owes much of its success to the way it provides a little something for everyone. If you’re looking for a manic adventure story, you’ll enjoy watching the Straw Hat Pirates chase after treasure and square off against increasingly powerful adversaries. On a deeper level, the heroes’ escapades thread together to form deep, emotional bonds that are touching and inspiring to behold.

And if you’re just in the mood to stare at women with large busts and willowy limbs, One Piece can deliver on that front too. As the years have gone by, series creator Eiichiro Oda has shown a penchant for drawing certain members of the cast with increasingly exaggerated proportions, and that aesthetic has gotten kicked into overdrive with merchandiser Bandai’s Portrait of Pirates BB (“bathing beauty”) line.

Previously, we’ve looked at the BB figure versions of One Piece characters Carifa and Boa. Now the spotlight swings back to the series’ most prominent heroine and the Straw Hat Pirates’ first female member: Nami.

In its standard configuration, the 135-millimeter (5.3-inch) one-eighth-scale figure portrays Nami in the midst of pouring a drink of cool, refreshing water down to her throat, no doubt a purely plot-based pose, given the importance of proper hydration when sailing the high seas. However, should one desire, the bottle can be removed, which leaves Nami seemingly cupping an invisible tube of considerable girth, with an ecstatically expectant and enthusiastic expression on her upturned face and open lips.

Nami is joined in the BB lineup by Tashigi, yet another lithesome member of the extensive cast of One Piece 

Tashigi’s 125-milimeter figure is actually a reworked version of the character’s BB statute from last year, in which she wore the same design of one-piece swimsuit but with blue as the primary color and black trim. Regardless of the color scheme, the outfit is extremely revealing, showing off not only plenty of side boob…

…but also a lot of front boob, for lack of a better term.

And to show that Bandai knows exactly which side their bread is buttered on here, the background of the promotional image for Tashigi’s figure is an obvious homage to Japan’s most famous adult video filming location.

The figures are being sold through online retailer Premium Bandai, which will start taking orders for the 9,720-yen (US$86) Nami (available here) and the 9,504-yen Tashigi (here) on March 24.

If you just can’t bear to choose between the two, Premium Bandai is also offering a bundle pack of both figures here for 17,928 yen, roughly 1,300 yen less than the sum of their individual purchase prices. Shipping is scheduled for early September, just as real-life swimsuit season is winding down.

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