The Japanese schoolgirl star even comes with a personalised CD so you can listen to her calling you by name.

Ever since the trailer for PlayStation’s VR title Summer Lesson was shown at the Tokyo Game Show last year, people have been dreaming up ways of getting close to Hikari Miyamoto, the star of the virtual reality game.

Now there’s a way for fans to bring the video game character out of the virtual reality world and into their homes, with a brand new life-sized figurine of the star produced by Bandai and Tamashii Nations.

Standing at 165 centimetres (5 foot, 3 inches) tall, Hikari comes dressed in her signature school uniform, with incredible attention to detail that can be seen in her realistic eyes, hair and skin texture.

The model’s school uniform even looks like it’s made from cotton, and the student comes complete with an English Communication textbook in one hand, ready to brush up on her second language skills with her in-game, or real-world, tutor.

Adding to the realism is a pair of standard-issue school shoes and socks, and an adhesive bandage just above her right knee.

Not only does the figure look real, but she aims to sound real too, as she comes complete with a personal letter and a 10-15 minute recording that plays a personalised message from her to you, where she specifically mentions you by name.

▼ Hikari is ready to welcome you home from a long day at work, complete with vocal stylings.

Created with a high-precision 3-D printer, each life-size model is carefully crafted with utmost attention to detail. The high-quality figure also comes with a high price tag of 2.916 million yen (US$26,248). For those unable to splurge their savings on the life-size model, the figurine will also be available in a more affordable one-eighth scale version in August for 9,504 yen (US$85.60). Both figures also come with a code to download a bikini DLC outfit for the character in the game world, however, the smaller model doesn’t come with a personalised letter or CD.

While the official delivery date for the life-size figurine is yet to be revealed, registrations are currently being accepted online from those wishing to make a purchase. Before making an application, however, Hikari asks would-be buyers to be careful about three things. Firstly, they should check that they have enough space for her in their home. Secondly, Hikari asks whether the buyer has informed their family about the purchase, saying “They’ll be surprised to see me if I show up suddenly, so be sure to tell them first”. Lastly, they should check their wallet to make sure the purchase doesn’t send them broke. As she says, “If you wind up with hardly any money like me, you’ll be in trouble!”

Once you’ve checked off all those things, you have Hikari’s blessing to make the purchase, and then you can join the ranks of rare figurine owners like this fan, who welcomed a life-size anime character into his home last year.

Source, images: Tamashii