Get ready for checkmate with this stunning “Chess Bra” collection.

Ever since Twitter user @papao_pao caught our attention with an illustrated range of Mobile Suit Gundam lingerie last year, the talented dojinshi, or independent comic, artist has been hard at work creating even more sketches of inspired undergarments.

This time, papao_pao, who goes by the name Pao, has combined the world of chess with skimpy attire, incorporating chequerboard patterns and chess piece shapes to create a gorgeous collection we’d love to see come to life in the real world.

First up in the illustrated range is the Rook Bra. In the game of chess, the rook plays a pivotal offensive and defensive role, and this outfit lets you emulate all the strong, confident moves of the piece, with lace frills around the top and pants resembling turret walls.

Next up is the Bishop Babydoll, which has been designed to exude a pure and intellectual type of sex appeal. The see-through garments include chequerboard details and a beautiful representation of the bishop chess piece in the curves around the bust.

Given that a good bishop in chess is on the opposite colour to its pawns, while a bad bishop is on the same colour as its pawns, the matching white colours of the two-piece set is said to create a naughty-but-nice “Bad Bishop Babydoll“.

The King Bra is a stately black three-piece that goes all out in luxury, featuring details from both the crown-adorned King chess piece and the Rook, as a nod to the fact that these two pieces are able to change places in a chess move known as “castling.”

The Queen Teddy is inspired by the most powerful piece in the game of chess, featuring tiara-shaped frills and a number of fluid design details reflecting the Queen’s ability to move any number of squares horizontally, diagonally or vertically.

With four designs so far in the “Chess Bra” collection, we’re keen to find out what the last two pieces from the game of chess, the knight and the pawn, will look like as illustrated undergarments.

Given the popularity of Pao’s creative designs, and their ability to work as real-life garments, we hope one day the chess-inspired lingerie line will be available for us to enjoy in the real world too.

Source: Kai-You
Featured image: Twitter/@papao_pao