Kuala Lumpur law enforcement officer is commanding attention far beyond her jurisdiction.

When forming a mental image of the sort of person who’d aspire to become a police officer, many would imagine someone with a strong sense of justice, or at least a keenly developed sense of right and wrong. Someone’s who’s dedicated, with a strong sense of civic pride, also sounds like a prime candidate to become one of the community’s finest.

If we’re talking about officers who’re out patrolling the streets on foot, you might even imagine someone who’s physically fit, either with powerful muscles or little body fat. However, most people probably wouldn’t imagine someone with a face like that of Malaysian Facebook user Irene Y LM.

The photogenic Irene periodically shares selfies with the Internet, often dressed in fashionably feminine attire. However, she’s also posted a few shots in her work clothes: a police officer’s uniform.

Irene’s model-quality looks haven’t relegated her to a fluff PR position, either. She’s a full-fledged law enforcement officer, attached to a precinct in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

So while she looks great sporting girlish accessories…

…she also seems perfectly comfortable handling standard-issue police firearms.

Aside from her charming looks and professional capability, Irene has a positive outlook on life, at least judging from her selfie captions, which have included the inspiring “You can break down a girl temporarily. But a strong girl will always pick up the pieces, rebuild herself and come back stronger than ever,” and the live-in-the-moment “Life is so short! Smile when [you] still have teeth.”

Then there was her New Year’s message, in which she encouraged people to “Finish this year forgiving someone, even if it’s yourself.”

Still it’s probably best to remember that while Irene may profess to have a forgiving nature, as a police officer she’s duty-bound to bring law-breakers to justice, so if you’re plotting a Malaysian crime spree just for a chance to meet her, you might want to reconsider your plan.

Sources: Facebook/IRENEYLM, World of Buzz
Featured image: Facebook/IRENEYLM
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