Prefecture names include: Pikachu, Teriyaki, and The Mushroom Kingdom.

As we’ve seen before, not everyone in the world knows Japan’s exact location on the globe. So that means if we were to take it a step further and ask some non-Japanese people to fill in a map of Japan’s 47 prefectures, the results could be even more vague and incorrect.

Take, for example, these attempts shared by Japanese Twitter user @mas324ora. Although while the answers are definitely incorrect, we wouldn’t classify them as “vague.” Some of them are very, very specifically incorrect. Here’s the tweet:

“Having foreigners fill in a map of Japan is amazing.”
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If you take a look at how some of the maps were filled in, the results are pretty hilarious. One of them is just an apology to the people of Japan for not knowing anything, one of them labels random places with Japanese food, one of them has a mixture of real places (Osaka, Tokyo) and fictional places (Hyrule, Skull Island), and another went with the Pokémon regions (Hoenn, Sinnoh).

Of course, we can’t really poke too much fun at them. If we were handed a blank map of Japan, we’d be lucky to fill in just a couple prefectures correctly before we started slamming down random Pokémon names too. Heck, we’d be lucky to be able to even fill out a map of our own home country!

Japanese netizens were similarly forgiving in their responses:

“Yeah, I would have no idea how to fill in a map of the U.S.”
“The Pokémon one is surprisingly accurate. Kanto and Johto are almost spot-on, and Sinnoh is based on Hokkaido.”
“I think a lot of Japanese people would do just about as well.”
“Nintendo brand recognition is so strong!”

If you’d like to level up your own knowledge of Japanese geography, then you’re in luck! We know the best way to get better at learning the Japanese prefectures: by baking them.

Source: Twitter/@mas324ora via My Game News Flash, Buzzfeed
Featured image: Twitter/@mas324ora