In a country where many women choose not to shave their pubic hair, this company is offering some assistance to those who do.

What with the great lengths Japan goes to in personal grooming, it can be surprising to learn that that pubic hair removal and trimming isn’t as common in Japan as it is in many western countries. So while Japanese women are often loathe to head out of the house without their outfit and makeup thoroughly sorted, at least one poll has shown the majority are willing to let their out-of-sight “under hair” (as pubic hair is called in Japan) grow wild.

However, that’s not to saw every woman in Japan gives her pubic hair free rein. So with summer, and thus swimsuit season, just a few months away, comes the release of the new Ravia line of pubic hair shaving guides.

The entire lineup consists of four nylon patterns. In addition to the triangle (pictured above), there’s also the square, oval “natural,” and girlish “heart.”

The back of each Ravia model is equipped with gripping fibers that entwine with the pubic hair to hold the pattern in place, allowing the user to use both hands to shave, cut, or otherwise remove the hair around it, thus leaving the remaining hair in the shape of the pattern. Creases along the front of each version allow them to be folded into other shapes as well.

The square, natural, and heart are all priced at 864 yen (US$7.80), while investing in the top-of-the-line triangle will set you back 1,026 yen. All four models are available here through Japanese online retailer Belle Maison, thus allowing customers to skip the potential awkwardness of buying the patterns in country where pubic hair removal itself isn’t necessarily the norm.

Source: Belle Maison
Images: Belle Maison (edited by RocketNews24)
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