Crowdfunding campaign’s backer rewards include photo shoot with swimsuit’s official cosplay model.

A while back, Japanese illustrator cccpo (whose pen name is read “c-thee-p-o,” like the Star Wars droid) drew a picture of a miko, or Shinto shrine maiden. Japan is already pretty fond of the miko aesthetic and mystique, and the fact that the miko he drew was wearing a stylized and skimpy version of the position’s standard garb only made it more popular.

But like we said, the outfit is different from what miko actually wear. It’s a piece of fantasy fashion design, but that’s just the sort of thing creative apparel organization Mocolle specializes in. Mocolle gets its name from mousou, the Japanese word for “fantasy” or “delusion,” and “collection.” Previously, Mocolle has had carried out successful crowdfunding projects for its Taisho-period schoolgirl and miko roomwear, and now it’s launched a new campaign to produce a miko swimsuit based on cccpo’s artwork.

Made of a nylon/polyurethane blend, the miko swimsuit is meant as much for cosplay as it is frolicking in the surf, if not more so. Additions like armbands and a front-parted skirt allude to form being given much more emphasis than function in the design process, but also do a lot to differentiate this from other swimwear options, even within the cosplay swimsuit sector.

It’s not just the swimsuit itself, though, that’s drawing eyes to Mocolle’s newest crowdfunding effort. There’s also the modeling contribution of popular cosplayer Akira Itsuki, who some of you may remember making notable appearances on Twintail Day, Maid Day, and Bikini Day.

As of this writing, the miko swimsuit is just over 50 percent of the way to its goal of 300,000 yen (US$2,700) on crowdfunding site Campfire, with 31 days left to go before the deadline. The lowest, 3,500-yen tier gets you a poster of Miss Itsuki and a copu of cccpo’s illustration, while rewards packages priced from 6,480 yen include the swimsuit itself and a 20,000-yen bundle features a one-hour photo shoot with Itsuki for you and up to four of your assistants/friends (with her wearing the miko swimsuit). If any of that tickles your fancy, you can contribute to Mocolle’s Campfire campaign here.

Source: Campfire
Images: Campfire (edited by RocketNews24)