You’ll be comfy and cool from head to toe!

Long-time fans of the samurai/sci-fi anime and manga series Gintama are anxiously awaiting the release of the live-action Gintama movie, set to be released this summer. There are still a few more months until its release, so until then, you may want get cozy while you wait, and what in the world is more comfortable than a cozy pair of pajamas? Looking at these Gintama PJ sets, its hard to think of anything else.

The two-piece pajama sets come in a white “Yorozuya” version and a black “Shinsengumi” version. Both sets come with pajama top and bottoms, cap, and a drawstring storage bag for 8,856 yen (US$79).

▼ The Yorozuya version comes trimmed with cute patterns of Gin’s scooter, strawberry milk drink, Shinpachi’s glasses, and more.

▼ The Shinsengumi version has a fun pattern of bananas, bottles of mayonnaise, eye masks, and badminton rackets.

If you prefer to sleep in a nightgown over pants and a top, the same patterns are available in a one-piece nightgown version as well, complete with nightcap and drawstring bag for the same price.

The pajamas are all made from 100-percent cotton, so they’re sure to be lightweight and comfortable even in the summer months. The two-piece pajamas come in sizes medium and large, where the nightgown is one-size-fits-all.

Don’t forget the accessories! There’s a mesh bag for 2,592 yen, designed to look like Katsura’s pet Amanto, Elizabeth. The bag measures 26 by 36 centimeters (10 by 14 inches) and is machine washable, so you can take it with you on a trip to store your dirty laundry, then simply toss it in the wash when you get home!

Modeled after the Justaway merchandise from the series, these slippers with Justaway face are a super cute way to round off your bedtime wear, for 2,808 yen.

While these pajamas are the perfect thing to wear to your next sleepover or overnight trip, you may also find yourself wanting to wear them to the movie premier too!

Source, images: Bandai Fashion Collection