It’s an easy and beautiful way to enjoy breakfast.

From pancakes on sticks to crème brûlée crêpes, we’ve seen some mouthwatering food trends from Japan take over Instagram recently.

Now there’s another new trend everyone’s falling in love with, and this one is so simple to make that anyone can try it out at home. It’s called “Cherry Toast”, and all you need to do to create one is add a bean sprout and a cherry tomato to your regular serving of toast.

It’s the quickest way to add a bit of colour to an ordinary slice of bread, and one of the most popular ways to serve it is with a slice of cheese for added flavour.

Whether they’re served on their own or as part of a delicious breakfast plate, these cherry toasts pop with cuteness and colour.

Some choose to add a slice of ham underneath the cheese to create even more flavour to the trend.

While others prefer to take the trend literally, adding real cherry halves to their toast for a sweeter type of breakfast.

Despite their simplicity, these morsels look so gorgeous that we’ll definitely be trying these out at home. To join in the fun, don’t forget to add your photos to Instagram with the hashtag #さくらんぼトースト (#cherrytoast) so your pictures can appear in the ever-growing collection!

Source: Instagram
Featured image: Instagram/harii3