There’s nothing fishy about these gorgeous anime and video game costumes.

During our recent belated birthday celebration for anime idol Ranko Kanzaki, we featured some amazing work from cosplayer Tuna. But while the crimson-eyed Idolmaster character is one of Tuna’s most frequent muses, the Korean cosplayer’s talents go far beyond the bounds of a single anime or video game star.

▼ Tuna as Ranko

Tuna definitely does have a thing for idols, though. She’s even willing to jump across the party line and dress up as teen vocalists from rival franchise Love Live!, such as Umi Sonoda

…and Yoshiko Tsushima, here sporting a devil-winged outfit.

Much more angelic-looking is Tuna’s take on Emilia from alternate-world multimedia franchise Re:Zero.

And if you need even more divinity, indie game franchise Touhou Project’s Shinto shrine maiden Reimu fits the bill.

▼ Although the skimpy collar on Tuna’s costume makes it much more revealing than the one worn in the character’s official artwork.

Along with idol anime, fighting games are a major inspiration for Tuna’s cosplay endeavors. Among the pretty pugilists she’s taken on the appearance of is Dead or Alive’s Marie Rose.

▼ In a revolving case of life imitating art and vice-versa, several of Marie Rose’s in-game outfits show clear cosplay influences.

Tuna is also apparently a fan of King of Fighter’s Athena

and BlazBlue’s Noel Vermillion.

▼ Another thing Tuna seems fond of: being photographed at an angle.

If BlazBlue is just too new-fangled for you, you’ll be happy to know that Tuna also respects Super Mario Bros., one of the true video game classics.

▼ Super Mario…Sisters?!?

Speaking of classics, here’s Bulma from venerable anime Dragon Ball.

And finally, to bring things full-circle, one more Ranko Kanzaki cosplay.

If you’re craving even more fresh Tuna cosplay, make sure to check out her Facebook page for all of her latest outfits and photo shoots.

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Source: Kai-You