I don’t think I could even play a cassette tape properly at that age.

On the 23 April episode of NBC’s Little Big Shots, piano prodigy from China named Anke took the stage to perform a couple of tunes beginning with Muzio Clementi’s Sonatina and then going into Domenico Scarlatti’s Sonata in C Major (Opus 36, Mov. 1).

Now I’m sure all of you watching this video are up in arms over how Anke’s dynamics are all over the map from mezzo-piano to fortissimo while playing a Baroque Scarlatti piece intended for a harpsichord, baaaaaaht she just so darn cute I think we can let it slide in this case.

The adorable way she mugs at the audience while effortlessly tickling the ivories is only matched by her greeting host Steve Harvey with a cheerful “Huzi yeye nihao!” (“Hello, grandpa mustache!”)

Viewers couldn’t deny the cuteness level was off the charts with this genius.

“She loves what she’s doing with a big smile. Wow, what a talent.”
“She reminds me of when I was a teen and my dancing trainer taught me that when you’re dancing never look at yourself but focus to the audience. Definitely this young gal does it perfectly with a tremendous smile.”
“That’s what it’s all about. Having fun and at the same time making people happy with music.”
“I’m 11 but that five-year-old plays a million times better.”
“That smile is just killing me inside.”

Although none actually did, some comments came close to suggesting that Anke may have been forced by her parents to excel in piano at such an early age. However, in the following interview it seems very unlikely as Harvey himself observed while Anke began jumping on the couch, “Nobody’s making her do nothing.”

At the extremely young age of five Anke has her whole life ahead of her, and it may very well take her somewhere other than the piano. But at least she found a sense of passion and an ability to focus which are two qualities that will get kids like her far regardless.

Source, top image: YouTube/Little Big Shots