When you need to get the message across, use more bubble wrap.

Perhaps one of the most annoying things in life is dealing with rude drivers on the road. Whether it be incessant tailgating or reckless cutting in, being on the receiving end of such behavior can make you spew expletives you never knew existed.

Japanese drivers are generally polite, turning on hazard lights when you let them into your lane as a sign of thanks. Even animals sometimes abide by traffic rules. Not every motorist in Japan is so careful, though, and researchers in Okayama Prefecture report an average of one traffic accident occurring every 50 minutes.

As part of a campaign to promote safer driving, Okayama Prefecture teamed up with automaker Toyota to create a video highlighting the importance of road safety, and demonstrating a bizarre, bubble-based measure people could take to protect themselves from careless drivers.

The video tells a story of a man who is heading towards Okayama to find a new home. Driving his car packed with all his precious belongings, he stumbles across an astounding sight.

The city and its residents are covered entirely in bubble wrap! Even pets and children aren’t spared the treatment. It slowly becomes evident that such garments serve to protect the citizens from harm. Specifically, from recklessly-driven cars.

▼ That sure looks fun. Just look at those smiling faces!

Residents get smacked around by cars without any care in the world. Seems fun doesn’t it? For the inhabitants of Okayama Prefecture, such bubbly measures may be necessary indeed. Nevertheless, the message in the video becomes evident if you take away the cushioning: use your turn signals.

Viewers had a few things to say about the video.

“A rare commercial that makes sense.”

“As expected of Okayama Prefecture. I don’t even want to step foot in there.”

“What I got from this video is that I shouldn’t move to Okayama.”

“This may have been over the top, but it does accurately reflect Okayama’s traffic conditions. Bicycles are scary too, running without lights and against traffic.”

▼ The making of the “Bubbletown” video

Whether this resonates with the residents of Okayama Prefecture remains yet to be seen. We can only hope that Japan makes more awesome commercials like this.

Source: Okayama Toyopet Zero Project
Images: Youtube/Toyopet Okayama