From a bag of potato chips to Doc’s DeLorean, there’s nothing she can’t make!

Art is all around us, if you know where to look. It can take on many forms, both visually and audibly, and artists find inspiration and medium in whatever it is that surrounds them. For Monami Ohno, her medium of choice happens to be cardboard. While most of us may not see cardboard as anything other than a way to pack and store things, Monami has been transforming the plain brown board into intricate three-dimensional creations since 2011, as a student at the Osaka University of Arts. A look through her Instagram gallery will have you wowing at her undeniable talent.

▼ “May the fourth be with you”

▼ Cardboard fashion seems to be catching on, though we have to admit this is a bit more impressive than Mr. Sato’s cardboard outfit.

▼ The attention to detail is amazing – all the way down to the serial number and signatures!

▼ It may look like cardboard, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this thing could actually shoot.

▼ Mecha Godzilla looks ready to take over Tokyo!

▼ Her Godzilla even has moving parts.

▼ The red laces are a nice touch.

▼ The detail she put into this cardboard DeLorean is mind blowing…

▼ Monami still knows how to enjoy the simpler things in life too, like a cold can of beer.

▼ These chips even have little flecks of seasoning!

Be sure to keep up with Monami on her Instagram, and find information about her workshops and exhibitions on her website here. If you’re getting the urge to be creative with cardboard but can’t make it to a workshop, Mr. Sato may be able to give you some more inspiration too.

Source, images: Instagram/@monamincb