From the sweet Virgo to the mysterious Scorpio, these anime-style lingerie sets are even more stunning on real-life models.

Just last month we brought you news of a “12 Signs of the Zodiac” lingerie range illustrated by Japanese anime artist and Twitter user @papao_pao. The talented artist’s designs, which started off as creative sketches, were now being turned into a real-life collection, and the first lot released were filled with all sorts of beautiful details that blew everyone away.

One month after the initial four-piece release from the 12-piece collection, it’s now time to take a look at the second installment in the range, which is currently available for pre-sale from 1-31 May. These pieces embody the characteristics of four more star signs – Scorpio, Virgo, Leo and Libra – which represent the four elements of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air.

● Scorpio

Strong, commanding, passionate and intense, Scorpios also have a secretive side that makes them appear mysterious.

It’s only appropriate then, that the most “mysterious” look in the collection is reserved for the Scorpio bra-and-pants set. Featuring the deep, dark colours of black and burgundy, this bold look comes with strings of black hearts, in line with the passionate nature of this zodiac sign. These black heart strings also represent the Scorpion’s stinging tail, while the jagged frills represent the sharp pincers of the arachnid.

● Virgo

Faithful, modest, considerate and helpful, Virgoans are said to have a trustworthy and serious character. They also love attention to detail, which means they’ll love the fine embellishments included in this lingerie set.

Modelled on the Greek goddess Demeter, who’s often connected to the star sign, this bra-and-pant set comes in a beautiful shade of strawberry pink. As the harvest goddess, Demeter is often pictured with ears of corn, and these are represented here in the shape of large, frilly yellow ribbons. The front-hooking bra and its cross strap back give the set a sweet yet sexy look, and the small silver star sign charm that hangs off the right bra cup is another tiny detail that Virgoans will love.

● Leo

Passionate and cheerful, and not afraid to be a little showy, the self-confident Leo is said to said to make people naturally gather around them.

The corresponding babydoll-and-pants set picks up on all these inherent characteristics, while looking to the Greek mythological story of Leo for its design details. The lemon yellow colour is used to represent the colour of the lion, which was killed by the god Hercules, while the green frills resemble the ivy in the Nemean Forest, where their battle took place. The furry halter-neck strap and small ribbon detail on the back of the pants also hark back to the lion, mimicking its mane and tail.

● Libra

Not one to show strong emotions, peace-loving Librans are known for their sense of justice, represented by their symbol, the scales, which is the only inanimate symbol in the zodiac.

The Greek goddess Astraea is most often associated with this constellation, and is often depicted with a set of scales in one hand and a sword in the other. These symbols appear in the lingerie set, with the cups representing the scales themselves, and the rope-like straps representing the chains that hold them. The lace insert in the front section of the pants contains a beautiful image of the sword, while the green colour is a nod to the fact that the constellation contains a green-tinged star.

Each of the designs above retails for 3,980 yen (US$34.97), except the Leo set, which retails for 4,480 yen. To make a purchase, head on over to the official site, where you can see more great images of the designs in detail.

With the four final lingerie sets scheduled to be unveiled on the site next month, we’ll be passing the time until the next release with a look at @papao_pao‘s other lingerie sketches inspired by chess pieces and the robots of Mobile Suit Gundam. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to see these illustrated undergarments come out into the real world too!

Source, images: Izumi Body Labo