This nine-panel comic flips the table on ads featuring breasts, panties and shy girls for men, and blue-steel looks for women.

Social games are popular all around the world, but in Japan, where they’re known as “soshage” for short, these popular games come with a whole load of app advertising, featuring anime-style characters pulling their very best poses to grab your attention.

It’s easy to tell whether these ads are aimed at men or women, and to prove this point, Twitter user and artist @ayuneo has created a nine-panel comic strip showing the different techniques used to appeal to male or female tastes.

The first post shows the type of marketing men receive on the left, and the type of marketing aimed at women on the right. It’s easy to see the difference, with the first comparison showing a well-endowed woman – breasts going “boing” – while on the right, women get – bam! – an image of a man’s handsome face.

Then, men get to enjoy a crotch shot – boing! – while women get to enjoy…another image of a man’s handsome face, with perhaps some info about his voice actor credit, or CV.

And then, men get to see a demure, shy girl, coyly asking “Please…use me”, while women encounter… an image of a man’s handsome face, coming on all strong, saying “You will like me”.

With a lot of variety on offer for men to feast their eyes on, women appear to get by simply with the blue-steel gaze of a handsome man. In order to even the playing field, @ayuneo decided to turn the tables, creating the same flash-baring images, only this time on a man.

First up, we have the chest shot – bam! Then the bulging crotch shot, complete with a muscly abdomen – bam! And then, the demure, innocent young man, coyly saying “Do whatever you like with me.”

We’re not sure how successful this type of advertising would be in the real-life world of social gaming, but according to commenters online, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: all the in-game ads that currently exist make it difficult to understand what type of game they’re meant to be advertising.

If that’s the case, then these ads by @ayuneo fit right into any genre!

Source image: Twitter/@ayuneo
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