Twitter user Mohikan recently posted some pictures of his creative, game-loving son.

On April 5, Mohikan posted a picture of his son playing “Poop Prince Adventure 2” on his newest homemade PC. Mohikan noted that the PC’s display has a “mysterious 29:8 aspect ratio.”

The new “Poop Prince Adventure 3” game apparently got a Nintendo Switch port last Thursday. Mohikan mused that his son might have been trying to give him a hint that he wanted a non-cardboard Nintendo Switch.

Mohikan’s son did not have to wait long to get his hands on the real thing. The father reported on Monday, “While he was taking a bath, I turned my son’s homemade Switch into a real playable one. I wonder when he’ll notice.”

Mohikan posted another update on Monday as his son’s days of gaming on tree products came to an end. It looks like the boy was slightly excited when he discovered his father’s trick.

Although Mohikan did not reveal all the games he bought, the lucky son can at least play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Nintendo released the game on Switch on April 28. If the boy is as devoted to electronic gaming as he is to paper gaming, he might start breaking records soon. Maybe he can beat Jimmy-e, who found a way to clear the game’s Big Blue course in just 63 seconds.

Source: Twitter/@mohikan1974 via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@mohikan1974

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