Now you can transform yourself into characters like No Face, Slime, Ryuk and Spiderman, simply by pulling your shirt over your head.

As much as we love all the beautifully crafted costumes, makeup and hair designs seen on some of the world’s best cosplayers, our own less-than-awesome skills can sometimes leave us looking more like LowCostCosplay when it comes to joining fan events in Japan.

Now we won’t ever be caught out again, thanks to this creative range of T-shirts from Japanese retailer Shalemon. While nothing looks out of the ordinary when these shirts are worn, as soon as they’re flipped up to cover your head, a character face is revealed, instantly disguising you from the world with cute and hilarious results.

▼ Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man!

This Dragon Quest shirt says “Something’s going to appear” on the front.

If anyone dares to ask you what that “something” is – huzzah! Out comes Slime.

▼ Evangelion fans can pilot a bio-machine from behind this shirt.

There’s also Ryuk from Death Note, hiding under a shirt that says “Death T-shirt”.

And the mysterious No Face from the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away, who appears from under a shirt that says “Yes Face”.

All the designs in the collection retail for 2,808 yen (US$25.28) each and can be purchased from their store or online retailers like Amazon Japan and Rakuten.

Source: Amazon/ボクサーパンツ専門店シャレもん
Featured image: Amazon/ボクサーパンツ専門店シャレもん
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