Hollywood star appears alongside one of Japan’s most popular musicians in Los Angeles jam session.

Japanese showbiz icon Masaharu Fukuyama has drawn paychecks from a variety of sources over the course of his decades-long career. He first gained fame as a chart-topping musician whose music is popular with both male and female fans (a somewhat uncommon feat for male solo artists in Japan) and he’s starred in a number of hit TV dramas and films.

Becoming a celebrity in Japan also opens the door to lucrative endorsement opportunities. These days you’re most likely to see him appearing in ads for brewer Asahi’s Super Dry beer brand. For a recent ad promoting the new Super Dry Shunrei (“Super Dry Instant Chill”) brew, however, Asahi decided to double up on the star power.

The video opens with a hawk landing on the roof of a skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles. The camera cuts to an accessory-loving man in black holding a guitar, who swings around to reveal his identity: Hollywood star Johnny Depp.

The wardrobe coordinator and hairdresser are clearly trying to channel a bit of Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, what with the bandana and unkempt locks. Standing opposite Depp, and dressed in a contrasting pure-white shirt, is Fukuyama.

After locking eyes and letting their guitars hum for a few moments, the two decide it’s time to rock out, and even a helicopter swooping in isn’t enough to break them out of their musical reverie.

“A one-time-only Super Dry” the on-screen text announces, as the narrator reminds us that the available-for-a-limited-time Shunrei is “A Super Dry you can only drink right now.” Apparently Depp and Fukuyama can hear the narrator, since they waste no time in cracking open two cans of Shunrei as soon as their jam session is over. Fukuyama even drinks with a satisfied gulp, the video apparently being grandfathered in and allowed to use the soft-banned sound effect.

▼ A making-of video shows Depp and Fukuyama on-set

▼ For those outside Japan

Although the ad doesn’t address the issue, we feel this is a good time to remind everyone to never drink and drive. After all, Fukuyama may be a pitchman for Asahi, but he also endorses Toyota, and he wouldn’t want you to crash your “erotic” Prius on your way home.

Source: YouTube/アサヒグループ公式チャンネル via IT Media
Images: YouTube/アサヒグループ公式チャンネル