Inspired by an anime-style drawing, this fantasy outfit now steps out into the real world with gorgeous details.

A few months ago, we heard news that Mocolle, a Japanese clothing brand known for its Japanese-themed roomwear outfits, had started a crowdfunding campaign to make this stunning illustration a reality.

The image, drawn by Japanese artist cccpo (pronounced “three-c-p-o”), takes the pure and innocent red-and-white outfit of a miko, a Japanese Shinto shrine maiden, and turns it on its head, stripping it down to its bare essentials while exposing a fair amount of skin.

This unusual Japanese-style swimsuit concept was a perfect fit for Mocolle’s design aesthetic, and following a successful crowdfunding campaign, which raised 941,144 yen (US$8,566), or 313 percent of its target goal, the unique garment is now available for sale.  

Made from a nylon/polyurethane blend, the outfit is designed to be worn in the water, but it fits right in on land too, with distinctive shrine maiden details making it a great option for cosplayers at big events.

There’s a detachable red skirt, which allows you to keep some of your modesty while slightly exposing the bottom half of the outfit.

The red-and-white colour scheme also appears on the low-cut top, playing with the sexy-but-nice image by covering up a portion of the exposed cleavage with a black insert material.

▼ The armbands also add to the half-dressed look of the costume, but these ones won’t inflate to keep you buoyant in the water.

The swimsuit comes in two sizes – small and medium – and is currently available to purchase from Village Vanguard for 8,100 yen (US$73.75), with deliveries scheduled for the end of July.

Source, images: PR Times