There’s more to cosplaying across genders then just dressing up in costume.

While cosplay is always a great outlet for indulging in fantasy scenarios and expressing love for well-known characters, it’s also a unique way to break down conventional walls and boundaries, with men dressing up as women, women dressing up as men, and a bit of everything in between.

Perfecting a look when cosplaying as a character with a different gender to your own isn’t always easy, but for Japanese cosplayer @18_27_Ruccika, it’s a challenge she takes on wholeheartedly.

So far, she’s accomplished a number of female looks with the greatest of ease, cosplaying as characters like Touka Kirishima, a ghoul from Tokyo Ghoul.

She’s also been known to celebrate Maid’s Day when it rolls around on 10 May every year.

While she brings a natural femininity to each of these looks, @18_27_Ruccika also knows how to bring out her more masculine side when cosplaying as some of her favourite male characters.

▼ Here she can be seen as Okita Sougo from Gintama, and Kyoya Hibari and Belphegor from Reborn!

She’s also dressed up as Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan, vocaloid Kaito, Nick Wilde from Zootopia and Isaac Foster from Satsuriku no Tenshi, or Angel of Slaughter.

One of her most interesting roles to date is the character of Midare Toushirou, an anthropomorphised short sword from the hugely popular online web browser game Touken Ranbu. Midare is a male character who looks like a girl and dresses in women’s clothing.

With so many styles and characters under her belt, @18_27_Ruccika has done a lot of experimenting with poses and has come up with some winning techniques that she now wants to share with other cosplayers.

According to @18_27_Ruccika, the number one tip to perfecting any look comes down to posture. In order to illustrate her point, she’s shared this sketch with her followers online, demonstrating the different pelvic positions for females, (on the left of each picture) compared to males (on the right).

What this means in the real world is that, if you’re a woman cosplaying as a man and you retain your usual posture, with your bottom out and chest raised, people will instantly know that you’re a woman.

Having found some side poses in her collection, she displayed them side-by-side in order to further highlight the importance of posture in cosplay. On the right, where she cosplays as the effeminate male character Midare Toushirou, you can see her chest is raised, her spine is curved, and her bottom is pushed out.

On the left, where she cosplays as vocaloid Kaito, her back is stooped, her shoulders dropped, and she’s activated her pelvis, pulling it in so that her bottom doesn’t jut out. The red exclamation points illustrate the ideal position of the pelvis according to each look.

@18_27_Ruccika always adopts this stance when dressed up as male characters like Kaito, a vocaloid originally developed by Yamaha Corporation and distributed by Crypton Future Media, Inc., the same company behind the aqua-haired vocaloid Hatsune Miku.

It’s also the key to bringing Kyoya Hibari to life from the anime and manga series Reborn!

Fellow cosplayers have been thanking @18_27_Ruccika for her advice, saying they’ll be using the pictures as a reference when completing their own looks.

Whether you’re wanting to cosplay across genders, or simply wanting to bring a sense of authenticity to a portfolio of animated characters, perfection is always in the details, so don’t forget to add posture to your look next time you cosplay!

Source: Twitter/@18_27_Ruccika
Featured image: Twitter/@18_27_Ruccika