It turns out the schoolgirl-inspired two-piece looks just as good on anime girls as it does on real women.

In the world of manga and anime, “chira-rism” is a term that refers to the excitement of catching a brief glimpse of a woman’s underwear or exposed flesh. Fans of chira-rism don’t often get to see any peek-a-boo details in real-world garments on the mainstream market, so when this sailor suit bikini was released last week, it became so popular it sold out within hours of appearing online.

▼ The seductive tie-up bustline and striped pants in this sailor suit swimwear outfit sent chira-rism enthusiasts into a frenzy.

Simply called “Sailor Beachwear“, the cute bikini was released by No. S Project, a Japanese fashion label that’s become well-known in recent years for producing anime-style skirts and mini petticoats designed to protect your privates from prying eyes.

While the bikini remains sold-out at the company’s online store, fans smitten with the unusual design took to social media to pay homage to the garment, by sketching some of their favourite characters in the seductive two-piece.

Some sketches showed off the beauty of the white-coloured sailor suit…

While others, like this one of Imamoe, a Kobe Shimbun character used for displaying part time-job ads, showcased the appeal of the navy blue.

Mashu Kyrielight from online free-to-play role-playing game Fate/Grand Order brought specs appeal to the garment.

This fan celebrated the birthday of Aoi-chan from Doki Doki Sister Aoi-chan by gifting her with the swimsuit, which she then happily wore while riding on the back of a dolphin.

Given that she’s from the ocean, Splatoon’s Ika-chan (“Squid Girl”) proved to be a perfect model for the swimwear.

Another seafaring character, anthropomorphised warship Samidare from web browser game Kantai Collection, shows that the sailor suit bikini looks good even in black-and-white.

For some artists, the white and the navy blue designs were equally beautiful.

No matter what colour the illustrators chose to dress their characters up in, for many it was the back view, showing anime’s glorified “panchira”, a portmanteau of “panty” and “chira” (glimpse), that was the most appealing angle for the garment.

Having been inspired by the world of anime, it’s only fitting that the world of anime should choose to tip its hat to the real-world costume in return. With so much love shown for the garment, hopefully it will convince the manufacturers to restock the swimsuit so more people can show it off in the real-world too!

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@naruti06

Insert image: No. S Project