Are we sure she’s not actually out all day fighting space aliens?

Sakura Taisen, better known as Sakura Wars in the West, is a series of tactical role-playing video games originally released for the Sega Saturn. Perhaps what set it apart from others of its kind was that it combined strategic robot battles with anime dating sim elements, all set in an alternate Japan. Made by the same genius who created the long-running Oh! My Goddess manga, Kosuke Fujishima, Sakura Wars became a phenomenal hit in Japan in the 1990s.

It just so happened that @sachiko1108, a Japanese housewife who’s an avid fan of the series, took it upon herself to craft a piece of its history.

▼ “We’ll fight as long as we live!”

Sachiko’s early picture of what appeared to be black robot parts made from plastic bottles and tubes held together with tape drew the attention of Twitter users, with a few of them noting that it closely resembled the mecha piloted by iconic Sakura Wars heroine, Sakura Shinguji.

▼ Sachiko spent the next few days painting.

▼ The mecha’s headpiece was huge!

▼ And here’s the completed mecha.

Nothing was left out thanks to Sachiko’s impeccable attention to detail; she even crafted the side capes, complete with sword and sheath to match. The robot knight was so massive that it had to be propped up against the wall.

Japanese netizens were absolutely thrilled:

“This is huge! How did you make it this beautiful in such a short time?”
“I’m really surprised by its quality. Can a person fit in there? It reminds me of the moment when I first saw those cool mechas in the game.”
“Impressive! All you have to do now is install some speakers blasting the opening theme in there and you’re all set.”
“It looks really heavy. It’s cool!”
“This is crazy! Can it be deployed outside?”

According to her, the mecha suit was surprisingly light despite its size and could be worn comfortably, which is perfect for the upcoming summer Comiket. Who knows, perhaps she can help her husband make one too, and they can do a couple’s cosplay in style.

Source/images: Twitter/@sachiko1108