With action, humour and a twist ending, it’s easy to see why this captivating anime has become so popular online.

When it comes to getting your art out there in the world for people to see, nothing beats social media as a sharing platform. In Japan, we’ve seen artists take to Twitter to share their works, giving us everything from vintage anime flip books to paper cup manga, and now there’s a new animated clip that’s grabbing everyone’s attention online, racking up more than 87,000 retweets and 155,000 likes in less than five days.

Created by Twitter user and illustrator @hondaosamu, the clip tells the story of an artist and his artistic creation, a faceless man, who ends up seeking revenge on his creator. While the animation is impressive, it’s the storyline, with its twists and turns and humorous moments, that proves to be really captivating. 

Take a look at the animated clip below:

@hondaosamu points out in the message that accompanies the clip: “I pestered the person I drew but I didn’t think he’d get this mad. Everyone, please be careful.” 

▼ The anger began when the artist dropped his character into a bucket of water.

After kicking the bucket over, causing water to spill out on the table, the illustrated man frees himself from the bucket, hurling paper at the artist in a fit of rage.

To protect himself from the barrage of paper projectiles, the artist draws a hole, drops the character and his paper pieces into it, and screws up the entire paper, thinking that will be the end of it. However, the fight continues, with the scrunched up bundle of paper taking the life away from the artist’s left hand.

In an attempt to end the shenanigans once and for all, @hondaosamu quickly sketches an armed tough-guy character, but rather than defending the artist, the character ends up taking him out, in a conclusion that nobody saw coming.

Twitter users from Japan have been heaping praise on the artist for the creative clip. Here’s hoping that the artist puts pen to paper again for another stop-motion video soon!

Source: Net Lab
Images: Twitter/@hondaosamu