Cosplayers, illustrators and AV actresses come out in force to celebrate the wonders of the undergarment.

From maids to bananas and even Pocky sticks, Japan has a variety of weird and wonderful days dedicated to bringing attention to all sorts of things, thanks to clever puns created by the way specific day and month combinations can be pronounced.

On 2 August, it was time to celebrate “Pantsu no Hi“, or “Underpants Day“, given that “Pa” is an alternate way of reading “Ha“, or “8“, and “tsu” sounds similar to “two“. And to make sure the event didn’t go unnoticed, people across the nation came out in force to share images of the humble undergarment on social media.

Kicking things off was Yukoream, a Japanese cosplayer who’s no stranger to showing off her underwear to the world in skimpy costumes.

Other girls who chose to expose their underwear for the camera included AV actress Maria Aine

▼ And Nagi Nemoto, one of the members from idol group Niji No Conquistador.

It wasn’t all about sultry seductresses sidling up to the lens, though, as people, animals and objects from all walks of life had fun on the day.

▼ Even onigiri rice balls joined in the celebrations.

▼ For this cat with its natural furry pantline, every day is underpants day!

Artists also came out in force to share some of their works showcasing the garment.

▼ While others chose to share excerpts from their favourite anime.

With so many images of underpants floating about online, even in the days following Pantsu no Hi, it’s not too late to join in the celebrations by sharing your photos on social media with the hashtag #パンツの日 (#pantsday). After all, unless you prefer to wander around town au naturel, every day is Pants Day!

Source: Twitter/ #パンツの日 
Featured image: Twitter/@yukotin39