Meet the anime-doll lookalike who’s winning hearts all over the Internet. 

The latest in a long-line of doll-like cosplayers hailing from China, Twitter user  @SeeU85095082 has gathered a huge number of fans (more than 86,000 Twitter followers at time of writing) with her flawless skin and penchant for dressing up.

Her freakishly large eyes and porcelain-like appearance may have something to do with the popularity of this anime-doll lookalike, and the fact that she posts in Japanese rather than her native Chinese has also gone some way to winning over her many Japanese fans.

▼ Obligatory swimwear photos always go down well with fans.

Big eyes = cosplaying/modelling success. While @SeeU85095082 has naturally large eyes proportionate to her face, many of her photos are characterised by digitally enlarged eyes that complement her manga-girl-come-to-life look.

▼ Despite writing in Japanese she’s clearly proud of her Chinese roots, saying “Today is Chinese style”.

▼ With red eyes and a pale complexion, here she cosplays as Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers’ Nashetania.

▼ Dressed as an otter from Kemono Friends.

Sometimes, it’s not only her eyes which seem to have been disproportionately enlarged through some digital wizardry. Here she’s merged with fellow cosplayer @lanithelaser as Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid‘s buxom and heterochromatic character Lucoa.

▼ And as the same manga/anime’s titular character, the Maid Dragon Tohru.

▼ As vocaloid star Hatsune Miku from the music video for “Senbonzakura”

▼ The locations’ vivid colours and beauty add to the sense of surreal, exaggerated anime-like reality in her photos.

▼ Not all of her influences are Japanese or Chinese, as this cosplay from the Illumination Entertainment picture Sing shows.

One thing that sets @Seeu85095082 apart from other similar cosplayers is her artistic ability. While costume making is an art in itself, she also works primarily as an illustrator and has produced these stunning pieces of art, although it’s easy to see where she gets her inspiration for her the faces in her drawings.

With her surreal look and ambiguous forms, maybe @SeeU85095082 will give Kina Shen a run for her money for the title of Asia’s most adorably cute/freakishly unnatural living doll.

Source, images: Twitter/@SeeU85095082